Constitution Act of Islamic Republic of Iran

Civil Code of Iran

Commercial Code of Iran

Electronic Commerce Law of Iran

Law on Encouragement and Protection of Foreign Investment

Patents, Industrial Designs and Trademarks Regulation Act

Criteria on Registration of Companies, and Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights

Executive Regulation of Patent, Industrial Designs and Trademarks Registration Law

Act for Protection of Authors, Composers and Artists Rights

Press Law of Iran

Executive By-Law of the Press Law

Law Concerning International Commercial Arbitration

Electronic Commerce Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Anti Narcotics Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Extradition Law

The Protective, Remedial & Anti-Dumping Measures to Protect Domestic Producer 

The Securities Market Act of the Islamic Republic of Iran Bylaw

The Regulations on the Procedures of Tender Documentation in the Real Estate Funds

The Regulations on the Dispute Settlement Committee of the Securities and Exchange Association of Brokers

The Regulations on Licensing and Activities of the Listing Advisor

The Regulations Governing the Functions and Powers of Tehran Stock Exchange Company Regarding the Member Brokerage Firms

Rules on the Registration and Public Offering of Securities

Regulations on Disclosure of Information by the Companies Registered with the Organization

Geographical Signs Protection Act

The Law of Transit of Foreign Goods through the Territory of Islamic Republic of Iran

Mining Law

Law on the Administrative of Free Trade-Industrial Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Law of Establishment and Administration of Insurance Institutions in Free Trade Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran 

Doing Business in Iran

How to open a branch in Iran