Educated Lawyers is an Iranian law firm which has begun its constant professional activities since 2012. Educated Lawyers is providing high quality legal services to international clients in various legal fields from corporate and commercial to shipping and maritime. In these years we could provide the best legal services to most international companies which wanted to start new business in Iran and this could not happen without our talented lawyers and financial experts. What sets us apart from our competitors are:  enjoying experienced and educated Iranian lawyers; honesty and integrity at our professional services and being familiar with international legal language.   

our main services are:

  • To prepare and formulate Employment Agreement for foreign companies to hire local workers including annual salary, working hours, extra work, public holidays and etc ; and taking legal action on behalf of companies or settle down above mentioned employment matters with workers;
  • Providing legal opinions on matters clients submitted for and also we are ready to give written affidavits to our clients in matters we find them true;
  • To buy or sell any real estate properties on behalf of foreign companies to help them to start or finish their business in Iran; and taking legal action concerning about real estate properties through our proficient attorneys;
  • To help Iranians living abroad and want  to take legal action about family matters like Divorce and Adoption; also we are providing legal services to Iranian who Inherit and cannot be in Iran to protect their inheritance and want to take an attorney at law;
  • To avoid paying Double Tax for foreign companies and their employees; giving    advice on winding up corporation tax and any other relating matter to companies and Inheritance Tax for individuals
  • 0 to Z of corporate law like registration of foreign companies or their branches in all provinces of Iran , arranging and registering their minuets near Tehran Registration office and providing all legal services to them during their business in Iran;
  • To protect our clients’ intellectual property rights like:  To register any Patent, Trademark, Industrial Design, Geographical Indication, Utility Model,  Integrated Circuits, and CopyRights of Companies in Territory of Iran to protect owners interest ; To prepare relative Contracts like Distribution Agent Contract, Sole Agent Contract ,Exclusive Right Agent Contract, Franchising Contract, Licensing Contract; for transferring above mentioned rights to other counterparty; and  taking Civil Action against who infringed their exclusive rights;
  • To prepare any contract according to our clients’ need in Oil & Gas, Automobile and Construction sectors like: Finance, International Sale of Goods, Buy Back, Guaranty Agreement, B.O.T (Build, Own operate, Transfer), B.O.O(Build own Operate),B.T.O(Build, Transfer, Operate), B.T(Build, Transfer), B.L.T(Build, Lease, Transfer), Turnkey, or other legal documents concerning clients requirement; and To give legal advice companies about their commercial contract;
  • To investigate Legal Entity and their board of directors or managing directors , according to Iranian Official Gazette; investigating Credit Rate of Iranian company in various areas such as Banking Sector or Insurance and investigating legal identity of Natural Person Sector for foreign companies who wants to start new business in iran;
  • Cooperating with legal foundations and other law firms to do legal research on various legal subjects;
  • To wind up any legal entity and to act as a liquidator to help foreign companies or their branches to handle these matter completely legal;
  • Giving financial advice to our clients on investing in Iran and entering into Iranian capital market; 
  • and to provide compliance advice with Iranian regulations to many MNCs which are active in different sectors of industry in Iran like pharmaceutical companies;